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What on Earth is
a Molok?

Good question! Molok containers are an innovative solution to the age old problem of balancing waste collection requirements with evolving aesthetic and architectural design constraints. Unlike a conventional above ground bin where the capacity is horizontal, in the Molok system the capacity is vertical.

Think of it this way: a Molok looks like a miniature grain silo buried in the ground with just the top rounded part showing above the surface. Users simply open a small hatch and drop their waste / recyclables into the silo.

These systems are becoming more common with new developments, such as multifamily residential buildings, commercial strip malls, schools, parks etc.

Since the container is partly underground, the surrounding earth’s temperature helps to keep the waste cool during the warm months, significantly reducing odours. During the winter months of the northern hemisphere, the earth acts as an insulator to help keep material from freezing.

Earth is a Molok

Molok containers are serviced by lifting the inner container from the main ‘well’ and emptying into a specialized truck. Typically this is done with a folding crane mounted on either a roll off or converted rear load compaction truck. The inner container is then placed back into the Molok, ready to be refilled again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moloks are an innovative type of waste collection system, where a permanent vertical structure is placed in the ground. The inner “bins” are lifted out, emptied, and then replaced back in to the permanent structure. The main advantages of Moloks are easy access for users, a small foot print, and reduced odours as compared to above ground bins.
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